Our Team

We, at S.V. Advertising agency are a dedicated team of True Professionals, trusted by our clients to do a good job neatly, quickly and effectively. We are proud of our reputation for honesty and integrity in our thinking, working and business dealings.

We never make promises we cannot keep. We never accept an assignment we cannot do justice to. And, when we are wrong, we are the first to admit it. By the same token, when the clients are mistaken, we have the courage and the professional integrity to pinpoint it.

Malik Ijaz Ahmad
Mechanical Artist

He joined the agency in 1976 after acquiring diploma in Graphic Designing from TEVTA (as special person). He is a fine Mechanical Artist with decades of experience and is currently looking after the final designs before they are released to the print media.



Managing Director

Raja Noor Iqbal Janjua

Chief Accountant

Hussain Ahmad

Studio Manager

Faizan Saeed

Media Executive

Malik Ijaz Ahmad

Mechanical Artist

Muhammad Sabeel

Office Assistant